Submissive .

I open a notepad almost everyday. And everyday, the same thing occurs to me:

I open the text board, and i came blank. Like every thought i had during daylight has completely gone. Like if it never existed.

So are my thoughts wasted into eternity? Are they ever able to came back? Cause everytime a sense or idea comes to me, it’s like brand new. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same grasp of depression starting to reach the surface.

To me, depression it’s like the sexiest human ever lived. It doesn’t matter if i don’t want to, i look at it. Or if i had something else to see, she aproaches me, in a seductive tone, begging me to kneel for it.

And I have always been submissive.

I don’t always flirt with depression, but she’s always trying to flirt with me.


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