Voice .

I haven’t slept in 30 hours, and i don’t see it coming soon.

I cannot sleep, and i’m barely eating.

I feel like my whole body is made of wet sand,

and my skin is some cheap balloon,

electrifying static.

I can see how my thoughts start,

like a spark in the middle of nowhere,

and end up right there, being less than nothing.

Insignificant amounts of wasted energy.

I feel the heaviness of sorrow and loneliness

on my back, like if i were carrying some cripple.

I see my patience like a wast field of absolute nothing.

I can feel how my voice breaks,

before it’s able to reach out.

Like a tree falling when noone’s listening.

I trade my voice for sorrow.

I let myself fall in love with depression.

That sweet, perfect, kind, seductive lack of dopamine.

It’s funny though…

It’s suppose that i should feel sleepy when i’m out of it!

But between you and I,

is that voice, HIS voice, the one that doesn’t let me sleep.


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