Another .

I clocked more words typed
than spoken this week,
and I don’t understand
what’s happening to me
but it just doesn’t feel right.

I’m sorry if this
whole thing is an inconvenience,
but I just remembered how
on nights like this
we used to drink ourselves dry,
and we fall down on our knees
making empty promises
until the sun rise again.

And even though
you’ll never be my lover.
Only you could bring the heat,
a company undercover,
filling the space between my sheets.

And such empty driven lust,
such shared loneliness,
is the only viable distraction left
in my life.

But yet, you aren’t distracted by me.
I now understand that.

But if I may, let me just, one.
Give me one last kiss
for such distance will strike
between our lips
now the day is losing light,
give me another thrill,
even though
we will never be good enough,
we will never be more than nothing
just give me another nothing
‘cause nothing is all I have right now.